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Hey RollaCLUB Fans ^_^


This is my corolla, my daily. I love this car so much its a great daily/weekend cruiser. Its running a 5k apart from that its pretty stock.

This wont be a crazy build thread, prob just randoms pics n lite mods.


[Old rims,old pic]



I got some new rims over the last few weeks. Has nice dish too ^_^


Front: SSR Star Sharks 14x7 -2. with 165/65 tyres

Rear: Enkei AP Racing 13x7 -1. with 175/70 tyres


post-14534-0-19848100-1390825884_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-05455100-1390825934_thumb.jpg


post-14534-0-15644800-1390825974_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-68121200-1390826012_thumb.jpg


post-14534-0-58413400-1390826048_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-68976600-1390826105_thumb.jpg

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Cleaned up & painted a few bits n pieces.


post-14534-0-93742300-1397044539_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-73046300-1397044581_thumb.jpg


front lip not on yet but should be on soon.


post-14534-0-86570400-1397044738_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-93546800-1397044689_thumb.jpg


bought this for malaysia ages ago, very poor quality fibre glass, haha trying to get it to a useable standard (right pic is what its meant to look like)


post-14534-0-63919100-1397044620_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-15995300-1397046069_thumb.jpg

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You can still buy bearings for the diff and set up the teeth properly. See if you can find a Celica one somewhere, the T-series banjo style. The stock Borg Warner is a terrible POS.


You reckon that wing is not a front one by mistake?? ..or not put on the wrong way around? That will knock 10kph off the top speed...


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