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Victorian Motorkhana Championship 2014


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Had so much fun last year ( http://www.rollaclub...mpionship-2013/ ), I'm back again this year to have another go. This time with a half-decent engine so I may have a chance of keeping up with the other guys. On tarmac at least.


Link to the 2014 Calender (Draft)


Round 1 is on this Sunday the 23rd of February in Pakenham, gotta say I'm hoping for some grass on the surface like last year as it leveled the playing field, a lot. But we shall see how it goes, for the Entry Forms/Supp Regs, please click here.

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I'd never really noticed the fuel pump noise until I removed the interior, I see why people pay out facet pumps. But, *meh*, doesn't really bother me, the induction drowns it out once you're moving.


For the rest of Sundays footage:


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To quote a Mini driver: "It's a nice reminder that the engine is still getting fuel". :)


The results are in from the NGK VMC Rd1 held at Pakenham on Sunday, have to say I'm pretty happy with them given it was Blue Things shakedown run & I limited the engine to 5,200rpm.


I placed 28th out of 59 Outright & 14th out of 28 in Class A. What is most important though, this was the first event that I have managed to complete WITHOUT a single penalty! No Wrong Directions, no Incorrect Garages & didn't hit a single flag.




Edit: Action shot, courtesy of Mr BS.



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