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Big Cleanout Hilux Diff Panels Heaps Of Stuff Eaton M90


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Ae86 struts with king springs and strut tops nothing else included. - $100


Ae71 and t18 struts complete with brakes and hubs and stuff ae71 struts have steering arms and lcas too.



Have 2 s series diffs one with swaybar mounts cut off.

20 for one with mounts cut off 50 for other one.

Ae71 manual borgy diff $50


4a rwd stuff including

-rwd block and rubber mounts

-rwd alternator and bracket to suit

- rwd gearbox to block wings

-4ac flywheel and clutch



Spirit wing - $160


Hilux rn40 g series diff with 4.11 ratio complete housing with axles, and center. $400


3 ke stockies tyres are stuffed or perished FREE!!!


fixed back bucket seat with rails to suit ke70 $200


Ke70 tail lights $50


Ae71/ke70 doors complete no rust $50 each or $100 for all 4


Full ae71 front end guards, all lights/headlights, bumper, grill, beaver and other panel $150


Ae71 boot lid with holes for spirit wing $50 or free if buying spirit wing


20l fuel cell with brackets $30


Weird mix of t18 and ae86 pedal box which allows you to run an ae86 dash bolt in will work in a ke70 for a hydro conversion - $150


Ae86 jdm interior wiring loom $50


Ke70 uncracked dash $50


T18 seats comfier than ke70 ones and bot in $80


Rear lowered corolla king springs $20


Have 10x new 195/50r15 ovation tyres $75 each.


Ae86 dash believe to be from jap.import? Only 97xxxkms on it $50


Ke70 tacho dash $50


Ae86 jdm vented rotors still good been machined $20


Full set of 13x7.5" mesh wheels fit flush on corollas with good 205 60 tyres $400


Ae71 and ke70 and t18 brake boosters with master cylinders $20ea


Free 4ac bare motor had timing belt break still good with a new belt. Freee


Full set of 16s to fit a corolla good 215 tyres $200


90% complete buick v6 conversion for corolla complete with engine, manual box, ecu, loom, tailshaft and other stuff has engine crossmemeber to suit already done $500


Ae71 and ae86 steering rack $40 ea


Ae71 slant bonnet $50 good con no rust.


Ae71 spirit pass seat good for a pass seat if you have a fixed back or whatever driver seat $30


Full set of 15s to suit corolla with good 195 50 tyres not hellaflush but good for skids $200


Ae86 steering column $100


Rebuilt eaton m90 supercharger $500



can't upload pictures only have my phone all pictures are on corolla FS pages on facebook though.

Can do deals on big item stuff or if someone buys a heap of things I can make it cheaper as I would like all of this stuff gone!!


Message me here or call or message 0423684172


All located Brisbane northside can help with delivery on big stuff though.

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