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Ae71 Alloy Radiator...


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Hi all,


Just wondering if the Ebay Alloy radiators are worth it as I'm going 4AG-TE in my AE71. I currently have the original 4ac and it was fitted with a thermo fan,




With the increase in power I am assuming I will need a better radiator. If there is anything good/bad to know about them it would be nice to know!

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I fitted a ebay 3 core alloy radiator to my car about a year ago. It works really well (I've never seen my water temp get above 90 degrees with an 88 degree thermostat) and hasn't caused any problems so far, but apparently alloy will corrode if there is any electrolysis or potential difference between the alloy radiator and whatever you bolt it to (ie. bolting an alloy radiator to a steel panel will create a potential difference, and if your coolant is old and shitty (or you don't use demineralised water), the coolant will act as an electrolyte and cause the radiator to corrode).

But really, if there is no electrical charge making it's way into your cooling system and you use proper coolant and demineralised water you won't have any problems.

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The standard radiator in ke70s/ae71s is a full coppper or bronze one, which is actually a multiple row job and has no leak points. I think they are 2 row? But they must be in good order to work well.


As opposed to a "modern" radiator, which has an alloy core and then plastic end tanks (with gaskets and thus leak points!).


These ebay alloy ones seem to be alright, they are certainyl cheap. ive never used one though. The other issue is aluminium is soft, so if there is any dodgyness in your mounting, ie the alloy is allowed to rub on some steel, it will rub through the alloy in no time. So you want to have rubber wherever it is mounted and make sure it is isolated from the steel as mentioned above.


I always wanted to use an alloy honda civic ek9 radiator. They have a very small radiator that is like 4 rows thick. don't take up much space but have plenty of cooling capacity.

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Can't speak to other E7 models... but when it comes to AE71 (1983) there are 2 OEM radiator options... depending on if the car was manual equipped (single row radiator), or automatic equipped (dual row radiator). The problem occurs when you try to swap them... because there are different radiator supports depending on if you have auto, or stick.... The auto radiator bolts to the rad support, while the manual radiator has 2 top arms that hold it in


In my 170hp 4AGE I'm using the metal dual row radiator from a 1983 automatic equipped AE71. I've fashioned/adapted a Sienna cooling fan to fit the auto rad...








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..and as a further option, I picked up a Mirage alloy/plastic rad with two fans for $20 at the wreckers. It has both outlets on the driver's side, like the 4AGE.


However its 700 wide while the stock one is 500odd, so I will have to cut the radiator hole much wider, like a modern car. I'll try the stock rad first and chop the car up later if I need to.

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A while back I discovered that for a 4AGE equipped AE86, that a VZV21 V6 Camry radiator, plus the subsequent V6 camry whatever that is, are a twin row option (rather than standard single row) that looks factory, is the same height and has hose outlets positioned correctly, and fits with some modest mounting rejigging.


It's wider too (at 710mm), but I worked on the premise that it means extra cooling fluid capacity and still gets plenty of airflow without bothering enlarging the front aperture. That also had twin thermo fans standard.

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