How To Build A Rally Car

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ha! Unsurprisingly the tanks went for close to retail price when you factor in the compete lack of guarantee. Naturally Steve HAD to buy SOMETHING, and this became the victim!


I think he only bought it for the mudflaps..  genuine.. original...  worth the $250 he paid for it!


After trying to winch it on & finding the remote control batteries were flat, we swiped their mower petrol & Steve drove it up onto the truck. That was fine, except he was the only person who knew how to lower the Mothership's tray, and the Hiace slid back down if you took your foot off the brakes. In the end I climbed up into the cab & leaned over with a foot so he could get down and drop the tray, and much to everyone's relief we got it out of there after an hour of loading efforts.


The last day was pumping out a couple of "nearly empty" dams.. Every farmer is having their dams re-dug and tidied while they are empty with the drought, and seeing the earthmoving man was on the main farm Steve grabbed him for a quick couple of days.  Except it takes a couple of days just to pump the water out! The floating 20L is holding the hose, Steve's caravan water pump is by my feet and the Honda genset is by Kobar, running through several tanks of fuel to get it dry.


Then Steve had to lead the procession through the paddocks to where the farms join-


..and build a tyre bridge to get them over the main highway!


So, when I get back up in a week or so that should all be finished and we can concentrate on how to fit a large J160 6-speed into a small transmission tunnel without altering the body.

Meanwhile.. more gardening!




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Love it Mate !

Great pictures !


Some guys bought their Gfs along, although they tended to be a distraction..

I nearly split my cornflakes out whist reading that caption !

I'm a bit worried about those ramps you used to get the Hi-Ace on the back ?


In amongst it we had the local car club come around for a visit, an interesting collection of cars.

Lovely selection of cars there.  My late brother had  Hillman like that !

Good heavens !  Chrysler, Hillman, MG, BMW, Rolla, Foulcan, Volvo, Merc,  Landy,   I can't see two vehicles from the same stable.  Does your club have a rule, one of each, or something ?

I'd give you more than one (1)

 image.png.b1ece14c2a32582d94297a2eeec56d26.png     if this website allowed it.

Cheers Banjo




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Ah, back home after a short trip up there-  We cut the engine mounts down and re-welded them, and started on the custom gearbox mounts made from KE70 sway bar mounts, urethane bushes and some 4mm plate. I'll get photos next time.

We pushed the Slowdeo 4WD ute with the blown head gasket down the driveway to the road and put on a sign saying $450!  If we can sell it for that we'll buy a Sam-Q remote for the 6-speed, otherwise we'll have to build one.  I've left the body un-touched so we can swap the cross-member, motor and gearbox with the mounts into another shell easily without chopping the floor up.

Kobar got stuck on the hoist for a few days with a collapsed front hub bearing, and they just got that going yesterday with a new diff locker too. Steve got the 4Ha of paddock disced up twice, lime & sulphur spread and a green manure crop planted all just in time to miss the rain!

He did find time to do the gravel khanacross in Mao!


...and it was christmas so we needed christmas lights on the hangar!


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OK, found one of the new sump height, this is the lowest I'd like the sump without cutting the crossmember. Lowering it tends to make the gearbox more level without hitting the floor.


The gearbox shifter ends up here, hard up under the floor for the same reasons as the low sump.  Options are to cut through the main crossmember of the floor, shown just above the bolt-holes in the shaft. or fit a really flat remote gear lever link, which is what we'll do. The mounts go on the angled faces where that 10mm bolt is, and we will hang the gearbox from up in the tunnel for more ground clearance.


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I love this thread, rally car building, country life, bit of wrc action, builds, classic cars....... It doesn't get any better :)

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'. It doesn't get any better'

You're right!

I'm up here this week, I'd better take the photos I never remember to take!

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OK, so a trip or two back Steve ploughed a couple of hectares and planted a green manure crop. When I arrived up in Jan it was growing well, but suffering the drought-


The solution involved a big handful of cash and an ex-Council diesel water pump. Not cheap, but a nice setup, pumping out the dam and covering about 2/3 of the crop.. 


With another handful of cash it was powering irrigation sprinklers.


In the workshop I found the usual chaos, this time the Landcruiser farm ute.


I needed the rally car's gearbox mounts welding, and the welder was back at Kempi being fixed, so I cleaned the hubs and fitted new bearings. We took one hole of the dustcover for a Terratrip probe and I put the struts together.


Then the next problem.. The bushes in the camber adjusters are for 15mm strut shafts, pretty usual, but Bilsteins are only 14mm, so it was awaiting new bushes to be made. The AE86 springs don't match any spring top, KE70, Corona or Celica, so we made custom ones there too.  Meh- forgot to photograph them, I'll do it this week.


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Steve had made a 40M long test vege garden and the smaller sprinklers were falling over, so we made a pyramid out of old waratah posts.



Lewis said that was too complicated and found an old plough disc. I welded a post on that and we had the world's simplest stand..


That was the only un-used disc in the steel dump, but there was a worn one so we welded extra feet on that for the third sprinkler.


They will do the last part of the green manure crop too, its not hard to move them around while the big sprinklers are fixed in place.

While I was away Steve had cleared out the storage/junk shed part of the woolshed and moved the two spare cars out to a new home. Now we need to re-roof this one too!


Then they stripped the timber cladding off the Woolshed North wall and fixed the rotted posts.


The corner one was especially bad!



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The big job was fitting a plastic roof to make a glasshouse for growing seedlings-


and it even has a wind-up wall!


The electricity went off one evening and all the next day, and that's when I discovered there were no lamps or candles at Auburn Vale.  What sort of 1920s farmhouse is this?? I dug out a lamp and made sure it worked for next time!


I'd moved one of Steve's farm cats down to Auburn Vale and she'd had kittens down there. Now I have them living under the deck outside my room-


but that's preferable to what lives IN the room with me!


..and if you're ever taking bets of centipedes versus redbacks, I can give you a clue..


Anyway- back up tomorrow for another hit! Maybe get those struts done AND the gearbox mounts if the MiG is back.  No doubt there will be lots to do setting up the inside of the glasshouse too-


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