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How To Build A Rally Car

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I modified a rubber channel to fit under the new alloy radiator, then drilled a hole at the top of one side to be tight, and the other side to be slightly loose so it can slide under stress. Hopefully this will allow the front of the car to flex without flexing the rad as well. I'd already cut the front out to help with motor changes, and when I put the top strip back it it was reinforced so is stronger than the floppy stock one.


These are the modified KE70 spring tops we made to keep the front springs in line and captive-


Back outside, things are growing. The green manure crop is now waist-high, compared to this photo.


A quick trip in Pete's R44 showed how patchy the watering was, and we now have even water over the whole area.


The trial vege garden is producing, Steve has a regular run on Tuesdays to organic shops and restaurants etc up Armidale way, zuchinni, beans, silver beet, and beetroot.


But the main course is in the glasshouse, 6000 seeds planted every two weeks, to be planted out in the main area when the green manure crop has been slashed & dug back in. All the Brassica family, brocolli, cabbage, caulis, kale.. for winter frosts.


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This requires farm machinery.. two gensets to run pumps!  Beautifully made, quiet and efficient.. except you have to check the oil each tankful of fuel, even tho' they're brand new.


Just for interest we stripped the motor after it seized... A SOHC with a centrifugal cam-controlled exhaust timing that holds the valve open past TDC to regulate the max speed. The thing that was a carb is actually a fuel-injection system! The generator part is built-in to it all.  It ran again but didn't produce enough grunt, so we have a new larger version.


Steve bought a Hino fridge truck, so we did a rubbish run before hitting it with the water blaster to clean it out.


We tried to get the old decals off, but its a massive job, so it was pressed into service as it was, a milk delivery truck! New vinyls will come later.


We turned the Dyna into a spray truck. Making the booms was easier than getting it mobile, it had been neglected for years.  The Nikki carb ran flooded all the time, and it took a day to swap enough parts to fix that, and now it only runs with the choke full out!  Some massive air leak somewhere, but we didn't have time to pull the manifold off and see if the missing bolts in the middle were important..  The little bit of "oil" left in the gearbox & diff was like grease, obviously not changed in the last 30years, the clutch doesn't free completely, the wiring will set fire to it one day and the starter solenoid is moody..




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Down at Auburn Vale the deck is half sanded/oiled. Its been in the sun so long it won't come up like new unless we sand 2mm off the top, but this will keep it protected.


We patched the drinking water tank at the house too, some people were not keen about the red worms wriggling around in their glass. A quick google showed them to be bloodworms, the lavae of a non-biting harmless midge, but definitely off-putting.


I vacuumed the tank dirt out too, and saw a brown snake escaping the water going everywhere by sliding under the blue car. A search showed it kept moving on..


That got me looking at the concrete tank, 40,000L and not being used..


however a look inside was quite daunting!


I pulled the main plug and let the metre of sludge out, and when its dried we can get in with a shovel. However the big problem is the tree that is growing over the roof blocking the gutters...   I can put a roof over the tank again, but dropping that tree without hitting the roof, the cars or the power lines is something else!


Anyway, AuntyCat, who I catnapped from Strathaven and bought down to A'vale, became Mothercat down in the shearers cottage where Steve's little bro lives. She bought two grown kittens up to the main farmhouse, where they seem to have made themselves at home.  Aren't cats clever!329657019_Ppetesfamily.thumb.jpg.0c9b12f1dea80099693a1dc1ba6fcc5e.jpg

A long break now, I've got to stay at home looking after cats & chickens while my mob are overseas, so it will be 6weeks before I get up there again.

We'll see what happens then...

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