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Pauls 67 Ke10 Build


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Hi Guys,


So i have been posting lots of random questions and i thought i would just start a build thread so i have a central place to find info and share the build. Thanks to Altezza and a few others who have been super helpful so far.


I found a 67 rolling shell which had been sprayed and was relatively rust free on fleabay and it had been sitting in this guys shed for 7 years since the work was done.


He had cut out the dash and widened the tunnel to take a sr20 and then run out of cash. Plans are just to get it back on the road and then start getting things together to start from scratch (want it to be Matt black rather than purple)


So anyway since i have had it is have done the below.


Drove to bundaberg and cut the dash out of a rusting away car - also salvaged front seats

Found a 4k which i have now started to strip and have everything out of except the crank (can't get the bolt off so any suggestions?)

Sourced a k50 in really nice knick - thanks Clapped out for throwing in the free clutch

Got twin 1 1/2 SU's and a lynx manifold (yet to mate the two together)

Should have rear seats and all cards shipping from Melbourne this week hopefully.

Pulled the rollcage out (I'm too tall to have the drivers seat where i need it and still pass engineering)


I work about 80 hours a week so progress might be slow but i do have a good 10 day stretch to get some things moving and I'm planning on jacking it up and seeing what running gear i have, think it might have ke50 front struts so might post some pictures see if anyone can identify.


Anyway here are some of the pics so far and ill post more as i get to things.



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Members dont see this ad

Love your work son giz a call if you need a serious k series for it! check out the feral 4k build on here and youll see were pretty into em! also

paint color was mixed by protec paints under the code pull yourself purple lol, or a cadbury violet crumble wrapper! interior was done by precise

trimming on the gold coast, and the engine was all mine... i was so tempted to buy it back when i seen it on ebay...

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Thanks Feral, Your not in Brisbane by any chance are you? would love some tips on making a quick engine thats good cruising around in without spending ridiculous cash and i am stripping the 4k now and about to start looking at what to put on and in it.


PM me if you have any suggestions on people, parts etc i should be talking to and looking for.


Cheers Paul

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Go with the 4k, theyll rev harder than the 5k and put up with a lot of abuse! Go basic reco on what youve already got, rings and bearings,

rollmaster double row timing chain kit, and modify the oil pump, new waterpump n gaskets etc, thats all for the bottom end!For camshaft grinding

try kelford cams in nerang go for a good bit of duration to get the engine revving to around 7k as thatll be plenty without balancing rod bolts etc,

3k bigport cyl head (welsh plug type) if ya can find one lol, double valve springs and a bit of a shave to bump up the compression, run your

manifold and su carbs a nice set of tuned length extractors and electronic dizzy conversion. Should be a fun little critter then, ps build it yourself with

a workshop manual its like meccano when you were a kiddie..... hope this helps.

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Ok so new direction on the build and thought I would update, I got the 4k apart and it was very roached.


I worked out after rebore, new pistons and balancing crank I would be better off sourcing a new engine to work with.


My love of shiney objects got the best of me and I now have in my hot little hands a factory fresh 5k and 3k big port head which is will build up to put in the car.


So when this little beast is on the road it will have 0 ks on the clock which will make it unique and kinda cool.


New dilemma today though, while stripping the floors I found a couple of small rust patches and also the job done on the tunnel was pretty poor so I'm going to need to put a bit more into the body than originally planned but that's ok cause I want it done right while it's all in bits.


So anyone know a good fabricator / panel and paint place near east brissy?

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