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Big Car Audio Reference Thread

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OK, instead of me pinning about 68,415,976 topics about stereos, I figured to put up a thread with basically all the references I go off, if I can't answer questions on my own knowledge.

If there is anything I have left out.. by all means, either shoot me a pm or post up here and I will ammend the thread ASAP.



I hope this proves to be of great benefit to all those curious about sound in their vehicles.



PDF File (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)Basic DC Electronics - Important to know the basics of electronics before you start messing around with wires and computers in your car. (Source: Install Doctor)


PDF File Car Audio Basics (Source: Install Doctor)


PDF File Head Unit Comparisons Differences between Single Din/Double Din/"Shafted" Radios (Source: Install Doctor)


PDF File Parellel VS Series Wiring Diagrams (Source: Install Doctor)


Web Page T/S Parameters (Source: Electronix Warehouse)


Web Page Making Door Pods


Web Page Technical on Under/Overrated Power Ratings and Battery/Alternator Voltages (Source: Car Audio Australia)


Web Page Glossary of Car Audio Terms (Source: Car Audio Australia)


Web Page Music and the Human Ears This is just to give people the medical facts and issues involved with what's REALLY happening when we listen to music ;) (Source: Art Ludwig's Sound Page)


Web Page Sound DeadeningBasic Pictorial on a method of improving your midbass in your doors and keep road noise out of your car and music inside your car... how it should be ;) (Source: Parts Express)


Web Page Fibreglassing For Fibreglass Noobs



Web Page More Fibreglassing In-depth tutorial on Fibreglassing


Web Page Subwoofer Design Theories More complexed enclosures (Advanced Reading) (Source: Audio Innovation)


Web Page Subwoofer Box Calculator (Source: Custom Car Stereo)



If all else fails.. Mobile Electronics Australia, which was originally Car Audio Australia, has been my home forum since October 2002. Never let me down... so what I don't know... these guys definitely will... with over 12,000 members... someone is bound to give you answers :y:


Have I left anything out?

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ive also got these 2 links

scroll down and you can design the shape by click and drag. then when you have the shape you can use the second link to work out the volume in litres or cuft....

i found these easier than the box calc prog because i already knew the cuft i needed and just neede to design the thing...

i found it very easy.


Perimeter/Area and Surface Area/Volume Formulae



Online Conversion - Volume Conversion

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