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Best Engine For My Ae70


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I was curious and internet research could only take me so far. What is the best engine I can get for my AE70 that bolts up to my T50 transmission? I like fuel economy bit I love power more. I was looking at the 4age but I am not sure if that's the best choice. I am also open to turbo kits if they are common on the engine. Also I am currently running a 3tc with 230xxx miles on it. Appears to run well, but for how long?

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Easiest would be a 16V 4AGE. Though it wont bolt to your 3T bellhousing.


You could search arounf for good 3T bolt on bits and goodies on http://www.3tcgarage.com/ as they are US based.


I see you're in California so you have to abide by those new draconian pollution laws. An EFI engine would be easier to pass those tests I'd assume.

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Another easier option could be a 2TGEU. It would bolt directly to your gearbox and existing engine mounts but they are a bit older than a 4AG and can be hard to find.


Rebuilding it with your 3T crank - while not cheap - means it can be bored and stroked to up to ~2.0 litres.


Having said that, I believe there are a lot of go-fast parts available for the 3T-C in the US anyway.

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The only modifications I can find are exhaust headers and back. Other than that I have not been able to come up with any products that would modify my 3t-c/ Although if I could get another 30HP out of her without a serious hassle I would certainly settle for that.

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You should def check out http://www.3tcgarage.com/ and sign up there.


However, and for example http://www.weberperf...products_id=544 have twin weber manifolds. I'm sure you could get something similar in the U.S.


Any local camshaft company should be able to regrind you a streetable cam.


Headers, cam and carbs should net what you're hoping to acheive.

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