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Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

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1 hour ago, boost said:

your ke25 is looking sweet mate !

Cheers mate - very slowly, but it's nice to be getting some progress. It's going to be a bit surreal seeing it on it's wheels again soon

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14 hours ago, aalaws said:

Cheers mate - very slowly, but it's nice to be getting some progress. It's going to be a bit surreal seeing it on it's wheels again soon

Is it going to be a daily car or a weekend car ?

I gotta pull my finger out and get cracking on my ke25.. 

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Weekend car, cruise into town for the bread and milk car if I'm not busy working.
Will hopefully take it around to some meets and shows etc - have a nosey in that scene


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Few good updates.....My rear panel arrived and it looks like it's been a newish panel stitched on to a rustier car. It's been hacked off the back of the donor so thankfully all those rusty bits like the remainder of the boot floor etc can just be removed as I only need the actual face of the panel. It's got a bit of pitting along the bottom valance and a few small holes, but it's miles better than the bent swiss cheese on my car at the mo. 

And I had my suspension mounts, struts and a few other bits professionally welded and certified etc


Bearings removed from axles and minor repair to axle - wire wheeled up the hub faces and will need to replace a stud.
Ball joints removed from LCA's, bolts swapped into straight (non bent) strut bar. IMG_4341.JPG.638bae6021c92f6423e37f484bb4e4c4.JPG

Rusty section cut out of backing plate........which I then proceeded to put a hole in when cleaning up the welds :( ha ha will get it filled up easily enough.

And the main event........leaf spring perches onto the AE86 diff housing



And after a quick mock up and to check alignment......it is the goods! (will need to get bigger U-bolts for the larger diff housing)



MMMM......professional quality welding

Gave a few bits a coat of primer the other day, then some top coats yesterday while the weather was......warmer atleast.
It got pretty cold once I had finished, hopefully that doesn't effect the6-8 hour cure time??



Had them all hanging together with the fan heater going to warm up the area....complete with hi-tech corrugated cardboard insulation barriers!


Powercleaned the diff housing, doused the inside with CRC and gave it a rub down with rust converter, and another coat on the leaf springs.


Also had the shitty paint blasted off the callipers and got some crappy tyres fitted to the wheels to get it rolling atleast.


Ordered some bigger U-bolts and the lowering blocks/brackets are being modified to fit them. Also got a massive stash of new seals, bearings, bushes etc.....


Now I just need another good day to finish off the top coats and the fun part of assembling all of this to get it rolling begins!


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