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Ke70 / Ae86 Ajps Brake, Suspension And Steering Components

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[size=5][size=4]Hi everyone, haven't been around for a long time. Finally going to sell some of my slowly accumulated but never used parts. Can put up photos next week but as I say they are unused (new but purchased a couple of years ago).[/size][/size]

[size=4][b]Nissan Silvia Master Brake Cylinder[/b] - If you're upgrading from stock brakes to the RX7 setup, this brake cylinder is appropriately sized for a good brake feel.

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]"[/b][color=#000000]With the master cylinder, yes, if you are using RX7 calipers, you will need to use the same bore size as what the RX7 had" - Hoppers Stoppers, and this is the appropriately sized cylinder, with the advantage of being suitable for the stock brake booster fitting. - [/color][/font][/size][b]$75[/b]


[b]KYB front insert Excel-G standard length for AE86[/b] - They cost $250 new, selling for [b]$220[/b].
[b]KYB rear insert Excel-G standard length for KE70[/b] - They cost $149 new, selling for [b]$120[/b].


[b]Motorsport springs front AE86 [/b]- 4.5kg, slightly lower ride height. They cost $249 new, selling for [b]$220[/b].
[b]Motorsport springs rear[/b] [b]AE86 [/b]- 3.5kg, slightly lower ride height. They cost $249 new, selling for [b]$220[/b].


[b]Quaife Quick Steering Rack[/b] - For non-power steering racks, if you want one you know what it is. Cost $256 to buy new, and cost a lot more for postage from Europe, so selling for [b]$250.[/b]


[b]Surge tank [/b]- built by Custom Kraft Developments in Sydney. [b]$75


More info available on components at the attached websites. Happy to take offers, particularly if you want to buy matching bits together. Have some other things for sale also but need to go through my boxes of things to find out what is what.

PM me, post here or email me at [email protected]

Items are in Burnie but I travel fairly regularly so if you're a Taswegian you could save on postage. Otherwise will post from Tasmania, Australia. Edited by xmoht

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