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4K-C Rebuild! Need Help


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My ke55 engine was knocking off chop so decided to rip it out and try to find the problem before it gets any worst. When taking off the sump this fell into the bottom and I have no idea what it's from. Anyone got some ideas before I have to go looking? post-20889-0-99163400-1417092591_thumb.jpgpost-20889-0-08625100-1417092662_thumb.jpg

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So, if it looks like it, why do you think it is not?


By now you'll have the timing chain cover off and know either way. Maybe those bits were from an earlier incident and have been replaced.


What sort of knocking was it? Did it happen all the time, when cold and hot, low revs and high revs, under load and no-oad, at idle??

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Because it's to thick to be a link? And can see it's not from the timing chain.

It was a pretty heavy knocking. Happened more often when using accelerator and choke was off. Didn't have to be high or low revs. Seemed more likely to happen if the engine was just past cool getting warm and just from there.

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more phots needed!


The bottom photo looks like a timing chain bit, but the top one makes no sense. So, its a rivet holding three strips of metal together/


Heavy knocking suggests crankshaft system part- bearings, piston, conrods. Not too much advance giving knocking and a worn bearing from it?


Well, how far apart have you got the motor now? Anything else odd?

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