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Ke55 Engine Need More Power !!

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So i own a 1980 Ke55 I'm just wondering if there was any little things or even bigger things that i can do to my motor to give it that little bit of extra grunt. I;m willing to spend $$ i just want to see if i can give it that bit more power ! anything would be appreicated. The motor is completely stock at the moment.


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Cheapest easiest way to make GOOD power


..because you will have to do everything you would normally do to mod a motor before you turbo it...


Two questions you must answer first-


How big is your budget??

How much engine stripping and building can you do yourself?


The answers there will determine how much power you can afford.


There is stacks on this site about getting more power, it is all very obvious and typical of old motors. Better carbs, cam grind, head work, extractors and sports exhaust is the basics. Then rebore out to 5K pistons, lightened flywheel, crank balance, other things to gain the next step.

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Hi James,

All above advice is good advice, but first you have to know what the current state is, of the 4K you have. Most of this you should be able to do yourself.


I'm presuming the 4K is stock standard. What klms does it have on it ? What is the oil like ? What are the compression figures.


What's the colour under the oil filler cap ?


Have you replaced points & spark plugs, oil & air filters recently ?


Have you measured the oil pressure after the engine has had a run ?


Does the engine have any noises or timing chain "slap" ?


Have you ever had the head off it ?


Have you ever cleaned the carby out, checked the fuel pump output, or checked the timing of the ignition ?


What condition are the ignition leads in ?


It's pretty pointless spending big bucks on any mods if all the above are not in good order.


If you have not ever had the head off, then I would do that as a first. A valve grind & dechoke, will usually improve things enormously, especially if you skim the head at the same time. The head off also gives you the opportunity to check piston movement in the bore, cylinder wear of top lip, and whether there is any serious corrosion on the aluminium head around the water jacket holes.


Let us know some answers to these above queries, and we can probably suggest some minor mods.


Also let us know what budget you've got, and whether your intended use is just as a daily drive, or otherwise.


Cheers Banjo

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Okay so ive done general looking after dutys . Like services , oil changed all that what not,


I've bought replacement leads and plugs. Air filter is brand new, I always take the head of and clean it . Everything's A+ condition it only have 135000 KS on it.


I have abit of money too spend just all depends on what performance I'll get will depend on how much I spend


Cheers guys for all your responses !

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