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Drift Tyres! (Any, Good Or Bad)


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Just wandering what tyres people have been using for drift, how long did they last?, how much power were you running?, psi?, did they delam? and were they ran backwards? (directional tyres) and of course the cost per tyre and how they performed! slippery or grippy, predictable at speeds etc.

and also what front tyres do you run for a bit of grip! cheers!

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I run 123's for steerers and usually ku31s on the rear. You can't get ku31 anymore so usually run those cheap hyfly's. Ku31s lasted forever, hyflys haven't been too bad either, grip was a bit better on ku31s but more expensive. Usually run like 30psi and have them directional. 123's are awesome in the dry front or rear but pathetic in the wet

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I'm using 123 on the front atm too, seem good for steer never tried in the wet, I've got some supercat tyres on the rear ready to try out, I've had them on a daily before but never skidded with them, hopefully they do the job, I can get hiflys and nankangs cheap but never tried them either

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