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oh what a nissan feeling!

All Gone. Nothing To See Here.

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Some stuff still here.


complete set of factory wheels tread like new. $30


4ke bottom end complete $50 probably good for turbo setup cos dished pistons


bumpers rear $80 front $20


ds door glass $10 ds 1/4 glass $10.


2 x heads both 4k, both shaved a fair bit for compression $40 each


2X distributors, one real early 3k i think, one 4k $30 each complete.


double row timing chains and gears $10 ea.


Complete rear 1/4 panels, appear to be rust free from both inside and out. $50 per side or i can cut off what you want.


lots more as well.


Will post at your expense if you spend over $30.

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