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Gasket Reassurance


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I have a 4age, I believe is a small port with a MAP sensor witch means out of an AE92?

It has the typical few leaks, tappet covers, sump etc

Been trying to source gaskets and seals for it but am really struggling through the internet and places like repco. Most of all the 4age gaskets and gasket kits listed online and in stores are for cars like aw11 and ae82 witch are big ports (right?).

so the basic question is will big port gaskets fit a small port? (apart from the intake manifold I'm guessing). And what other cars where released with my engine of future reference?

also any good parts sites where I might be able to get them from?

and has anyone else struggled to get a pug lead that goes from from the dizzy to the coil for a small port? they have like mini ends on them and i can't seem to find one separately, have to buy a whole plug lead kit? if so NGK best ones to buy or?



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www.toyodiy.com is a great site for identifying part numbers and then cross referencing those numbers to other vehicles that use the same parts. It's a little trickier to use since they took down the diagrams but the part names/descriptions are quite clear.


www.amayama.com is an excellent site for entering in those part numbers, obtaining a competitive price and then ordering genuine/OEM parts direct from Japan.


If you can wait a couple of weeks for them to be delivered, the experience beats counter-jockeying at your local Repco, hands down.

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