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Diff Leak


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Hey guys,


I have a car i'm getting through rego and the diff is leaking between the housing and where the centre mates (Banjo diff)


Basically i'm wondering if anyone knows of any sealant i can use as a temporary measure to pass pits and stop/ slow the leak?


It only needs to be a temporary fix as once i can drive it i'll be putting it on a friends hoist and fixing it properly.


Was wondering how sump sealer would go?


Any ideas would be sweet,



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It is when you have a popped disk in your back,


Arrrgh! painful! So you're a wreck for a few months...


Drain it, pop the axles and undo the diff face most the way, then clean the sealing area with Brakleen & smear sealant ito the gap.


If you can move the diff head forward 8 or 10mm while leaving it on the bolts it should all work.


Mind you, getting the axles out while a hoist will be a trick!

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