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Blzbubs Aw11


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High comp NA 4age, sp block, BP head, cams of some duration, stainless exhaust, bbs rs 15x8 +20, semi slicks, power windows/mirrors, coilovers, brake upgrade.
blah blah blah....


You KNOW the big thing is in the handling from the new position of the motor!! ...I had a Lotus Europa in my youth....


Don't get runover by a truck. Those low cars are hard to see apparently.

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They're a good thing. Can be a bit understeery though, particularly when things get tight.




This guy, you get locked out of the cockpit to forget the number?


Given my occupation, you should hope that I know about things like that. Worked off those Bays in the early days of Virgin.

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very nice "little" ride. Tweaked 4AGE is also nice.


edit - btw... how far did you fly, and then return drive? Back in 1999 I was driven 2 hours, to take a 2 hour plane trip to drive an AE86 home... another 7 hours.

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