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My 4Age Turbo Build In My Ke20


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Hey guys hows it going .


So I’ve had my 20 for a while now with a cammed 5k and its been a winner. But ive always wanted to do the 4age turbo build and after researching for like a good year I’m finally taking a dig at it. I am going to try and do as much work as I can myself on the car. I'm a qualified engine builder/machinist by trade so the motor itself won’t be an issue. Wiring the car shall be a task for me. But I’m happy to get in and give it ago :) Like I said before ive done a fair amount of research but there is a lot I don't no so any info or suggestions is much appreciated.


Okay so this is the plan!!!!


4age with forged internals h beam rods and stainless steal vavles (with undecided turbo yet)


T50 box I know there not the strongest but doesn’t require tunnel mods like the w boxes


Using mounts from Jordan off here


I have a T series diff sitting here I’m going to use


I brought a ke70 wagon with coil overs up front so will use those struts and upgrade to better brakes (any suggestions guys??)


I would like to get my fuel tank modified if possible I really don’t want to run a surge tank I just personally think they are ugly


Plan for paint is gun metal grey




That’s basically where I’m at, at the moment ill try to make weekly updates to let you guys know how everything is coming along I am a pretty busy guy but want to make this happen this is my first every big build so we shall see how it all goes J



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What is the tank situation in the KE20?? Outlet from the bottom? Tank sits in the boot?


The killer with the KE70 is having the outlet in the top, otherwise an underfloor surge tank with no lift pump is ideal. They don't need to be those stupid one-litre things, just work out how much fuel the motor will burn around the longest corner that will cause surge and make a surge tank big enough to cover that. I'd expect a couple of hundred ml would do it, enough to run the motor for 15seconds.

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Hey mate thanks for the replay, The fuel tank is in the boot and the outlet on these is unfortunately on the top as well. the lines then follow behind the back seat and under the car in front of the rear wheel arch. I added some photos there not the best but you get the idea.




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Hey guys bit of a update


Stripped the interior out of the car it's in pretty decent condition what you would expect I'm replacing the front seats so just need the rear re trimmed


With a bit of spare time I fort I may aswell start sanding the car back I know I'm a long way away from paint but it's not costly and it needs to be done so I fort I may aswell


I also scored a stock 4age motor. I stripped it down to bare block and took it to my old work at applied automotive in maddington for it to get acid bathed


Plans for this week is to order some forged pistons and h beam rods I'm waiting to hear back from Brain Crower in the USA I'm using there sportsman series rods.

Once block is out of the acid bath I'll measure it up and make some phone calls so I can get the pistons happening.



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Hey guys bit of a update on the 20

So not much has happened to the car besides some more paint been removed, long and tiring job I tell you.

Block is out of acid bath, I put it in the cnc hone and now ready for the .5mm o/s Wiseco forgys I got. Just waiting on bearings to arrive so I can check tunnel sizing then grind crankshaft to size. Rods are on back order out of the U.S. unfotrtunely they are out of stock atm.

Bad news I sand blaster the head and found its corroded in the top so now I am just using it for dummying up and going to source a new one.

Slow progress but its how these projects happen I should have some more progress soon hopefully




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Ah, that's bad news about the head- too bad to be welded?? I suppose there are enough of those heads around now to get another.


How do you feel about welding a new outlet in the bottom of the fuel tank?? Unlike the KE70, it wouldn't be in any danger of being knocked off by a stone and it would simplify the fuel system considerably..

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Sorry for being away for so long guys I came off my bike and destroyed my shoulder but back into it again.


I'll take some photos and upload them soon everything is still moving forward I ended up biting the bullet and got a surge tank set up.


I spent some dollars and have basically everything to build the motor including HKS Cam,cam gears toda high volume oil pump arp main and head studs forged pistons 1 mm over size valves heavy duty valve springs.


Also got a gze motor so now changing my bottom end to 7 rib block but still going to use a small port head (as what I've heard is the way to go please correct me if I'm wrong)

Got my original block and my buggered head ready for dummy up with my turbo manifold.


Still need to buy a turbo inter cooler and few other things but have a decent amount of things I can do for now.


I've started to fit the coil overs in tonight for dummy fitment.


will try and keep use more in the loop.


And happy snaps soon


P.s I'm wrecking a 70 wagon if any one needs anything look in the appropriate areas of the site.



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