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Ra65 St Coupe - 102Ks. Vgc

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Selling my RA65 ST coupe. :thumbsup:


I purchased this car in a slightly neglected state a little over a year ago.


I did the Waterpump, Hoses, Alternator, Plugs, Leads, Rotor Button, Dizzy cap, Tyres, Wheels, Thermostat, Cleaned inside the inlet manifold, deleted EGR/smog pump properly, New fuel injectors, air filter, Pacesetter headers, and got the AC working perfectly (as low as 2 degrees C). I have also fitted power steering arms to quicken the steering (which was very slow to begin with). I have fitted kings springs and new KYB shocks to the struts. I also fitted a new manifold gasket to the headers when I did them. I also did a pair of new Jap rack ends. There is a bung that I had put in the headers so you could fit a wideband if you tune it further with for example cams which are pretty cheap to do on these. I also removed faulty tint and fitted a head unit and 2 x 4 inch Pioneer speakers in the dash.


All fluids were changed, motor, box, diff, brakes and coolant.


Before I got it its had a radiator and an exhaust done by the looks.


It gets 11klm/litre highway in mid summer with the AC on and a full load of people and luggage. Maybe 8ks a litre around town.


Its Auto.

Motor is solid and needs only a timing chain done in about 20000 ks. (approx $100 in parts)

Manual Steer (rare)

Blue Velour Interior

Has Kings springs all round.

White duco.

Very straight body with very minimal rust.

F series Rear end, easy lsd choices from altezza.

Super comfy Daily. Its got all the trim even in the boot and an un-cracked dash.


The wheels are 15x6.5 linea Sports that hark back to the whistling Pig Rally car ta64. Tyres barely worn.


Thread for Pics.


Asking $4000 with the wheels. You wont find another like this. Overall its still very original save for the wheels, ride height and stereo. Its super quiet and stealthy and is a great daily. I really only got it because I needed a vintage Toyota fix while I was building my AE86, which is now registered.

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