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Ae71 4Ac 80000Ks $1000

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hey guys got my 1983 ae71 corolla here up for sale was going to do it up but have run outta time and money I'm going back to uni next year so need the cash for that and also want the car gone to a new home i have redone the head gasket and all gaskets that are needed have replaced all seals


here is a list of all things that have been replaced


head gasket


water pump has been resealed with gasket glue as i couldnt find the gasket has a very small leak


coil pack is brand new


sparkleads and plugs are all brand new


timing has been redone professionally


ahhh thats about it the cars in pretty good shape besides a front gaurd which is dinted in after it hit a roo ummm i have a brand new fuek pump to go in the car original one is fine but ehh i got a new one off a mate for free so i took it has brand new fuel filter and oil filter has penrite oil in it and tectaloy coolant in it as its the best as far as I'm concered the battery it brand new interior is in decent shape not perfect has 2 interior parts missing well one but the others cracked will come with the car starts and runs every time drives very smoothly has no sterio as it caught fire due to a lose wire any other questions please call or text me i don't have many photos if you would like more I'm more then happy to mms them to you open request don't have the ablility to post photos at this stage i have it on gumtree for photos

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