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Worked 5K Ke70 Wagon

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time to sell my project.

mods list:

completely rebuilt 5k, decked, hooned, cammed only 2000kms old

brand new webber 32/36

extractors + full exhaust with hotdog

ae86 front struts with stiff springs

flipped and reset back leafs with custom shocks

3 core alloy radiator

window tints all round

tacho dash

strut brace

will come on full set of meshies same as front two


bad points:

the body is pretty crap. got half way through rust repair and now need to sell

heater has been by-passed as it was leaking into the cabin

needs a new clutch

oil leak from the sump


plenty of things ive missed

rego runs out on saturday, happy to supply pink slip

odo stopped at 146xxx kms about 10000kms ago


have got original 4k engine and boxs and boxs of spare parts

if it doesn't sell for the right price ill part it out


the car has never let me down in the 4yrs that ive owned it. the new engine hauls ass and is shitloads of fun to drive. body is pretty terrible and have half completed body work/rust repair. needs a new clutch aswell


happy to answer any questions

will upload pictures tomorrow


asking price $2500 ono

need to sell! if it hasnt in two weeks ill be parting out












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