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Saving A Molested Ke30


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Well, where do I start? The build I am currently doing is saving a completely molested and riced out ke30, full of bog, rust and mould. The first time I saw this car was when me and my mate drove down south of Adelaide so he could purchase it. Ive loved these cars for a bit over a year at the time and loved going out to see them. At the time, the car was rough as guts, full of rust and bog (which apparently the previous old fart owner did...yeah right) and countless more mechanical problems that would need fixing. It was bought from memory I reckon it was $750, not too bad of a deal but needed A LOT of work! Unfortunately, has a lot of rust and on top of that rust was the bog. :bash: Anyway, once my mate owned it, things just went downhill even further from there, no mechanical problems were fixed and the car was looking awful :down: Joel decided to straight pipe the exhaust to a milo tin fart box canon, held on by a coat hanger (sounded awful!), extremely dodgy vinyl wrap the bonnet, put a steering wheel on that he found in the boot which looked like a dogs chew toy, put some rota grid classic wheels on it (only good thing he did), bolt on flares which did not sit right and were held on with bunnings bolts and finally, build a front lip out of floor board with brackets welded onto the tow hooks.


All of this other than the wheels made me want to curl up into a ball and cry :lolcry: and I knew if he had it any longer it would be defected because his neighbours hate him so much they reported it to get it defected but the cop couldnt because it was on his driveway but said he will defect it next time he sees it on the road.


After all of that banter, the car just sat there for a month or two, the head unit got stolen, the carburetor was stolen (WTF) and one of the locks was munted out, the car was then just sitting and rotting. :(


every single car Joel has owned has been tampered with while its parked out the front of his house, had one ke30 stolen :rant:and many more problems with people touching his cars. Anyway, parents were out for a week so I decided it would be a good time to buy a ke30, Joel offered it to me for $450, not too bad! Without a carbie, I had to pull the 4k carb off my ke70 paddock basher, put it on roughly in the pitch black and putter along to my house. I finally owned my dream project car! Here are a few pics of it when joel owned it, looked alright from 100 meters away, I guess....



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Anyway, so here is how it looked when I bought it, even uglier now without nice wheels! :down: Turns out before I even knew I was going to buy this car, when it was rotting away my brother had bought them for his Ke70 and they look overrated on it! (awful blue plasti dip was peeled off) So with stock wheels on, made it the most embarrassing thing to drive home I had the sun visor down the whole time lol. Wow did I realize what an awesome challenge it was going to be to start working on this POS and yeah I'm up for it!



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After clearing out more than 30kg of rubbish from the inside (how did he even manage to fill it with that much shit?!) I found some tasty surprises...... ;) The first thing I found was the entire front passenger side of carpet was wet and curling up, look a bit closer to realize that there was white, wet mould on the carpet from 6 month old protein shake (yuck!) After that I took the seat covers off and found enough dirt to make a decent sized bmx jump lol. All the seats were torn, the dash is completely stuffed, where the head unit was ripped out from was a gigantic hole and the list goes on.


So after I gave it the best clean I could and cut out the front passenger side carpet, it was clean enough for me to drive






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Took it out for its first hills boot! One of my dero mates decided to bring his more dero mate along in his vn s pac and he got chopped by a completely worn out, stock ke30! :thumbsup: Was all good fun lol. By this time I had cleaned the outside up a bit, I took off the bolt on flares, peeled off the vinyl wrap and also got rid of the blue plasti dip on the chrome headlight inserts.


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Because my brothers stock ke70 wheels were lying around, he let me put them on and it makes it look much cleaner! In the future I will be looking for some form of ssr or buy some rota kyushas (not sure what colour yet). :yes:

Here is a few pics of the exterior rust as well, dosent look too bad but what I'll post later is a different story..... :elvis:







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