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oh what a nissan feeling!

R31 Diff Suit Ke30/55 Drag Racing Wheels

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I have for sale the diff out of my ke30.


Borgwarner r31 28 spline.


factory falcon limited slip


4.11 gears out of pintara.


falcon EA brakes and callipers, slightly bigger than r31.


Brackets to suit ke30 handbrake cables.


Built in 40mm lowering


4 x 114.3 pattern.


20mm shorter than ke30 diff. so 1335mm long.



I am building a shorter diff for my ke30 with 3.73 gears, 31 spline, ect, so it made sense to start again with a new diff, so the existing one is for sale.


This diff is out and ready to go, has never let me down and will handle plenty of power.


It has pintara 4.11 gears in it, they have a reputation for being a bit noisy, these do have a slight noise to them, they have no issues and have been the same for the last 10 years, they are not worn, damaged, ect, its just a known factory defect for pintara gears.

The pinion is not dead centre of the diff, massaging of the rear of the tunnel may be required particularly if you are super low, or are running a 3.5inch tailshaft like me. The limited slip works very well, it was like new when i got it, and it works flawlessly. Pinion flange is to suit an r31 tailshaft end, no tailshaft is supplied.


You get the diff in the picture, you don't get the leaf springs, the u bolts, the caltrac bars, the spring retaining plates, ect.

You get one complete diff ready to bolt in to your car.


$700 located sunshine coast QLD.












For sale one set of greg weld racing wheels, fats and skinnys, a pair of 8" for the rear, and 4.5" for the front. Fronts have maximum neg offset for nice stance. A pair of radial front runners are included as pictured, can do cheaper without them. Wheels are flawless, no marks, gutters, ect, still glossy but could do with a light polish. perfect offset for ke30 corolla. Its a shame these will not fit my car after this round of mods. $900












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ke20 is around 1300 so your wheel dish would suffer. I just measured and the mounts are 15mm total narrower on a ke20, so it would mount up with the centre hole redrilled as thats only 7mm per side, but 20mm per side longer overall than the factory ke20 diff.

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I can do front pics for the wheels, I probably should have done some rear ones before i disassembled everything. The rears used to sit under with about 10mm clearance with 225/50/15 drag radials on them, my rear lips are rolled. Fronts fill the front guards fully and look nuts from the front with the super wide skinny stance, definately going to copy the fronts in every way for my next set.

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yeh that looks phenomenal. i got bigger brakes that have horrendous clearance though. couldnt fork out without a test fit. they don't look like they have enough clearance.

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