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Link G3 ECU ,2Tg Fuel Injection, cams, Flywheel,

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I am wanting to upgrade to a 3sge Beams, so I am selling our 2TG engine that is still in our 4cyl speedway sedan. So you can see it running or better still come to Gympie Speedway Nov 28 & see it race.

I refreshed the motor with rings & big end bearings, & head reconditioned (inc new valve springs) only 2 race meetings ago. The bore (no ridge at all) & all internals looked perfect, Was making 132hp before the head was flowed & ported & reconditioned.


10.5 to 1 forged pistons bored to 87mm

port & polished & bench flowed head

exh cam opens 73 deg, closes 34 deg, lift .394, 287 dur

inlet cam opens 48 deg, closes 81deg, lift .409, 309 dur

3t crank

internals balanced including clutch

Fidanza 3.4 kg flywheel



Complete Motor " MOTOR SOLD"


The following are still for sale :


Link G3 ecu with harness $400

2TG Individual Throttle bodies inc TPS & 2tg std factory injection with ecu, manifold,air filter,  complete setup $400 the lot

T50 5 Speed SOLD

2TG Std Flywheel  $50

2TG camshafts (2 pair) Std Grind  $50 a pair


Complete diff assy drum to drum T Series Celica Diff 4.1 welded centre, plus 4.1 open diff, plus tail shaft to suit KE30/KE55      SOLD



Phone 0431 035 185.

ITB 1.jpg

Link G3.jpg


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132hp at the wheels. I would guess maybe 5hp to 10hp increase with the new rings & port & polish. The head had 3 exhaust valves leaking & one inlet guide broken before recon.

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I now have the 2tg out of the car so I would like it sold asap. I also have for sale the T50 box, tail shaft & Celica "T" series locked diff plus a spare open "T" diff centre all to suit KE30.

Sell the lot $3300 ono. Phone 0431 035 185.

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was hoping to sell as a complete drivetrain conversion , but no interest, so will split them into motor $2500, gearbox $400 & diff $400, checkout the first post for more info. cheers

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Is it forward or rearward shifter position on the gearbox?

What spline count on the gearbox please?



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