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20 Valve Silvertop And A-Series K50 Gearbox Package!!

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Need it gone! All offers considered!


Hy guys, up for sale i hav my 20valve silvertop 4age out of an ae82 i bought, was planning on putting it in my ke55 but lost interest,


I also hav an A-series k50 gearbox to suit, makes the conversion easy as piss, retains factory cable clutch and gearbox mounts, gearbox is out of an ae70 so it has the shifter position right back, can supply a k50 out of a ke55 so you can hav the forward shifter position.


Motor has around 2xx,xxx klms on it, i bought it iin as is condition, it does turn over and feels like it has comp, i will do a comp test on it as i hav ot bolted to the box and the stsrter hooked up, motor doesnt have a loom or ecu but this didnt bother me as i was going to get a custom one done, has the throttles and alternator all there,


the clutch setup is the standa rd d 20valve flywheel and pressure plate with a ae70 clutch plate so it hooks up to the spline on the box, clutch plate is brand new.


Chasing $ 999 for the package or $1200 including the ke55 k50 gearbox aswell (would be gppd to have a spare) any questions gve me a bell on 0402336488



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