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China 4K/5K Carby


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Hey guys, wanting to hear experiences from anyone who has tried one of the 4k or 5k carbs from China. They are about $200 and if they are any good that's not bad for a brand new carby.


Like this http://www.ebay.com....=STRK:MEBIDX:IT


The research I have done online has shown people had success for other models of Toyota but can't find any on a corolla.



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I don't know.


Having stated that, it occurs to me this is likely to be better than a flogged out second hand 30 year old carb that you are otherwise likely to use with gummed up passages and flogged out, leaking throttle shafts. BUT, if you need to alter jets, etc to suit your motor's characteristics, you may find they do not interchange with OEM, and that gasket/seal/accel pumps sets are different.


If you look at trade catalogues for carby kits and the like, you find there are myriad changes and variations from model to model (and within models), and I think it is naive to assume / and questionable to advertise that one carb suits such a wide range of applications


Once upon a time you could take your carby to a carburettor specialist to get it properly cleaned and overhauled. But in these days of almost universal throttle bodies, I'm not sure any of the old shops still exist. I would be inclined to take your OEM original to one of those if you can find onne, and get it assessed and overhauled. At least then you know that what you have fitted is precisely suited to your engine.


I suspect for about the same cost or less than the generic ebay item, you can have your original carb overhauled and purring.

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I can't speak from experience. But they're probably OK today and a pain in the arse tomorrow.

I'd agree with Parrot buy a reco kit and can of carby cleaner. Putting a new carb on an old engine isn't going to get you fantastic results. Especially when it's been made out of recycled bbq trays that washed up on a random south east Asia beach.

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+1 to finding someone to overhaul your carby. I had one of my old 4k carbies looked at and cleaned up for a measly 90 dollarydoos years back, dealt great improvements but that was due to it being rooted in the first place so don't hold me to this being the solution to all


Look how damn shiny it is tho!

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Depends what is actually wrong with your current carby.


A rebuild kit is like $50 and its not that difficult to rebuild one. Gotta lay everything out nicely and be careful not to lose something, but it should only take a few hrs for your first attempt. Following the vehicle manual of course!

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Thanks for the good advice guys. You have convinced me to avoid said china brand carby :) The reason i was keen is because I don't actually have a 5k carby or any stock carb for that matter and it would be so convenient to have a brand new one rock up at your door! And if that could last a few years that's not a bad deal.


I've got a weber on there right now which is using a bit much fuel. I could get it tuned but keen for an easy/cheap fix so I'll probably swap that for a stock carb. Hopefully can find a 5k one cheap.


Thanks again!

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