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Ultrasonic Cleaners


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Trawling around on the interwebs, looking for something that Mrs Parrot can buy me for xmas (since she never got me anything for my birthday.....) I got thinking about ultrasonic cleaners.


Numerous videos to watch on youtube, including lots of interesting efforts with people making homemade vibration jobbies attaching sanders to jars etc.


Purpose built made in China ultrasonic cleaners are not too unreasonably priced, if you keep to a maximum of 6litre capacity.


Anyone have any experience with these things?


As an example, this 6 litre model is $186 but they have a make an offer option



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Ive used one identical to that chinese one. It had a heater and ultrasonic, seemed alright but wanted the vibration to be more aggressive. I tried to clean up 40mm webers in it with about 70° water and i can't remember the % of tartaric acid. Cleaned up well and left a lot of dirt and varnish in the water but still required longer. I guess a few days and youd be laughing. If its cheap enough should pay for itself

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