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Wiring Thermo Fan Off Thermatic Switch


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Hey guys i have a thermo fan to setup on my corolla and have a thermatic switch i grabbed from an ae82 i think its on at 90 off 85, can't remember. Any ways looking for ideas on how to wire it into the car. I have found a few ideas and some must run 2 wires. This one only has a spade terminal. This is a pic i found on the net, an i on the right track?? Or is there ways to simplify it? Cheers


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I've got one on the Hoonicorn, with a manual over-ride for sitting at long roaworks traffic lights...


The sensor needs to be earthing at 90deg, so check if its normally open or normally closed. You're right, some have two wires, some one, and I use a single. The Tridon catalogue is very good-




I use a TFS111 or similar, on page 189. Single wire, normally open, closes at 90deg so current flows and the fan comes on. I can't remember if it has the correct thread there, or if its a similar one with the metric thread.


I put a dashboard switch going to earth into the relay line that goes to the sensor, so I can earth the relay and start the fan before 90deg.


The fan was $10 at the wrecker, the relay about the same, and the sensor was about $30 I think. It makes the motor much quieter and obviously wastes less power when driving. It never comes on when moving, its only when idling at the lights after driving.

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Make sure you locate the thermostat switch after the thermostat (I think - trying to picture it in my head). There are a couple of different shape top thermo housings on the mid 80's corolla's, Camry's, Cressida's that have the switch already installed. Would be pretty surprised if one of them doesn't fit a K engine. If they fit, a very cheap way of triggering you fans via a couple of relays. Don't forget to grab a piece of wiring with the correct plug.

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