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3Tc Engines & Goodies - T50 Gearboxes & Te27 Crossmember

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Hey guys,


Due to a change in direction, I am now selling all my T series related parts with regret. This stuff has certainly taken some time to accumulate. We all know how hard it is to get now, so no low balling.


Make an offer on the whole lot if you are interested in taking it all.


Complete running 3TC with starter and alternator (no intake / exhaust) - $500

Weber on manifold & extractors - $350

Disassembled 3TC (not interested in selling the crank alone) - $350

T50's - $300 each

TE27 crossmember & engine mounts (suit 3tc into KE2X), straight bolt in - $300

Factory turbo manifold (assume from a 3TGTE) - $150

Intake and plenums (modified 2TG items I think?) - $125

Turbonetics carb hat - $150

3TC fuel pump & EGR alloy block off plates (custom from USA) - $80

Ported head (needs a good clean up and missing a valve and collets) - $600

Spare stock blank heads - $75 each

Standard cams (I believe) - Free if you collect them


If you want anymore photos, pm me your name on and I'll send them via FB messenger.









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