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Sr20 Clutch Setup In Ke55


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Hey fellas,


I'm about to install my clutch master in the KE55. I purchased an S13 clutch master and going to be mounting to standard ke55 manual pedal. Does anybody know the best way of measuring and positioning or has anybody done this before and have a drill template??



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A KE55 already has the studs and hole in the correct position on the firewall. All you will need to do is enlarge the existing hole (approximately 20mm) to the size of your master cylinder (for my TA22 master, around 30-32mm).


I've just gone through the process myself. Heading out at lunch to buy a cheap stepped drill bit enlarge the existing firewall hole.


You will however likely have to remove the entire pedal box assembly to pre-mount the master cylinder for fitment first - much easier than working upside-down with a right-angled drill and/or die grinder. It will all be obvious once you have it on your bench.


I don't know how much travel the SR20 master requires, but I seem to have adequate pedal/shaft travel for the TA22 master.

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