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Ke 70 Race Car Project.

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Hi guys.

I have a KE70 Project for sale. I had plans of building a new race car (RWD) for my wife but she has decided to stick with her front wheel drive AE82.


The KE is quite good condition. It has had the rust cut out not just bogged over. All the sound deadening has been removed and interior removed. All parts go with the car. (Windscreen is missing) It has Tacho dash and Twin cam steering wheel. Front guards have been rolled. Has good strong K motor and 5 speed.


The race bits.


Comes with 7 Rib 4AGE motor. Was a good runner when removed from car but has been sitting for about 5 years so make of that what you will. Has RWD engine mounts. No starter or alt I was going to do away with all the electronics so I have a set of Dellorto DCOE carbies and Manifold, Linkages and Trumpets. Also a Scorcher Distributor so it would easy to set up. I will even make up a loom if you want. If you still want to run injection I can supply RWD manifold and TVIS and standard Distributor. Has flywheel and clutch.


Also T50 with "A" bell housing. Good condition with no issues.


Around $1200. Depending on what you want. May split.





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