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1969 Ke15 Toyota Corolla Sprinter

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After two months of holding a deposit on this, it's time to offer it back up for sale as the deposit maker isn't going to follow through on the deal. Hopefully this time it goes to someone who has the cash ready!


Great looking and rare KE15 Sprinter up for sale. Family life means I don't drive it enough, so its time to move it on to a new owner who will hopefully stretch its legs a little more often than I.




4k engine, standard with a standard carb.

5 speed gearbox

Lowered slightly - springs in the front, blocks in the back

Standard brakes - front unassisted discs / rear drums.

Rare work equip 01 rims in 4x110 stud pattern - staggered width front to rear

Reconditioned radiator that has done less than 500km

Steering componentry adjusted and replaced as needed less than 500km ago


Body is very tidy. It was originally a white car, that was painted red 15 or more years ago. It was a well done job, and included the boot, engine bay, dash and door jams. There are a couple of blemishes and faults after all this time, but generally she looks very pretty. The stripes are vinyl so if you are careful with a heat gun they will peel off, and the numbers are just magnets I put on for car shows.


Interior is also very tidy with a nice Momo steering wheel. Dash top isn't perfect, seats have a few seams that need attention, but again overall it presents very well.


It drives well, stops well, steers well and is overall a fun little car. I don't think it would need anything for a roadworthy, as long as your mechanic appreciates a slightly lowered car and a nice leather steering wheel.


Car is on club rego so it is not transferable.


Happy to negotiate on the price a little for the right buyer. If you would rather a set of superlite rims rather than the work wheels, then we can adjust the price accordingly there too.


Inspections can be done at my place in Eltham after hours / weekends, or we can arrange an inspection in business hours in Richmond, but I will need plenty of notice.


Swaps? A clean bay window Kombi, or a clean classic Holden or Ford station wagon might be of interest, but really, money talks, and I am sure if you own one of those cars you aren't chasing a Sprinter.


Give me a call, send me a text, drop me an email, but don't low ball me. I am not in a hurry to sell and won't kick it out of the shed for nothing.


This may interest people looking for a KE10 KE11, KE15, KE16, KE17, KE18, KE20, KE25, KE26, KE30, KE35, KE55, KE70, AE71, AE86, TA22, RA23, RA28











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