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Steez Wagon Build


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Hey Rolla heads


So I just bought this 74 wagon and pulled it out of a field in the middle of no where.

The body is very straight with very little rust (I was shocked)

The interior is an absolute mess and looks like a bomb has hit it.

Whoever bolted the brake booster to the firewall bolted it straight through the wiring loom and fried everything.

The whole car needs to be rewired.

The engine has bigger Pistons, valves, springs, lumpy cam, crank, ect ect

I found all the receipts from the build in the car.

Engine doesn't run thought :(

I think it was a bit of a backyard build.


I'm not sure at this stage of I will build the car for myself as a daily or if I'll sort everything out and then sell it on.


I'll update as progress happens







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So where to begin !!!!!!!!!


After selling my race/daily car and my other daily with in a couple of days from each other, i was now under the pump to get this wagon on the road so that i don't have to drive the big commercial company van around.


I completely gutted the car and put everything out on tables so see what came with the car and what was missing.


First thing was to clean the car so that i wasn't working in a pile of dirt. I rewired the whole front of the car including the dash components, everything now works as it should.

Next was to sort out what was going on with the brakes and a bone dry master was the first thing to address. i continued to bleed the brakes for a while and then decided i either need speed bleeders or another person to help me. lol Got it sorted and the bigger callipers and disks on the front should work a treat when i get it on the road.


Next was to pull all the panels off the car, and so i did. I can't believe how quick and easy it was compared to my 1991 300zx .


I can't believe how simply built these cars are. After working on a overly compacted/Over engineered ZED, the rollas are a dream and are actually quite relaxing to work on. ( side note )


Iv sanded back the body and got stuck into the rust spots, i got the grinder out on the most obvious spots just to see what i was in for. A mate of mine was kind enough to come round and have a few beers with me while cutting and welding the rust out.


I cleaned up the water channels on the roof and figured that was a good place to start.

Beneath the fender mirrors had some pretty aggressive rust.


Here are a few pics







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More progress amongst this dreadful weather.

I really wanted to get this thing sprayed today but it wont stop raining. As great as the spray booth i built is its just not up to the task of controlling the humidity. :paperbag:


Here is some pics of the car primed - rubbed down and re masked ready for the gun, HOPEFULLY TOMORROW





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Jaycar was my best friend today - The guy who served me was an old mate of mine who i hadn't seen in years so it was all in all a great trip.


Replaced the old stock globes with these LED globes RED, BLUE, WHITE

A little premature to the build but thats what happens when you're bored and its raining.


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Today i had a window of opportunity to get the gun out, i probably shouldn't have but i took the risk and got it done.




Started off with a mist coat and then applied with 3 solid coats, Heigh gloss 2pac


Here are some pics of how it came out.









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