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Ke70Daves New Euro Toy


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Well 6 months in the making and we have cold AC! soooo cold! Just in time for winter! haha. 

I ended up making my own hoses using a kit from "speed ac spares" up in north qld. dunno how many ppl will read this but these guys were extremely helpful.


The hoses came with a set of hand crimpers that were surprisingly easy to use. All very simple. and significantly cheaper than all the quotes i got done. (like 60bucks per hose as opposed to $200)



AC man came around this morning and gave it a vac test and everything was all good. 20mins later i had cold air!



So its been a saga but lots of fun and good learning experience. learnt how to tig weld in the process so there will be some more tig welding projects in the future.

Like most things turns out AC is not that complicated.

So next step is going to be relocating the battery to the boot. the 325i and 318is came with the battery in the boot. Dunno why the 323i didnt. but i dont think the 318i did either. 

I have a battery box and isolator already, just need to get some cable and figure out a way to hold the battery box in. I could get the oem battery tray etc but i think a plastic box secured nicely in the corner will be neater than the oem. 



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