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Ke70Daves New Euro Toy


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Thanks mate.


In my search for a gearbox i messaged everyone on gumtree who was selling e30 stuff and eventually found a guy who was selling a complete m20b23 engine who also had a gearbox that was not advertised.


I ended up having to help remove the gearbox, but for $200 that was fine.


I ended up grabbing the m20b23 as well as a heap of other parts for a total of $500. Not too bad.


Other parts include a solid flywheel, ecu loom and ecu, starter motor, brand new intake rubber boot (mine is not lookin great).


Engine is "apparently" a good runner, but it has been sitting about a year.


So plan is to throw this gearbox in behind my current engine, and then see how my engine goes.


I'm going to leave my dual mass flywheel and clutch on for the moment as it does seem to work quite well.


this single mass flywheel is WAAYY lighter, but the clutch is cactus, so ill get a new clutch at some stage then swap the flywheel and clutch in.


If it does turn out my compression issue is either headgasket or valve related i will get this spare head overhauled and swap it on.


Will start the gearbox swap this week and hopefully get it done on Saturday!


pics of towing contraption and gearbox loot, as well as one of the car just for fun.





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Alrighty, updates!


It has been a rather trying month.....


Long story....er.....long,


Put that new gearbox in, and annoyingly the clutch didn't work because the flywheel was too thick. turns out the gearboxes that suit the dual mass flywheel the throwout bearing sits further away form the flywheel, so when i put the single mass flywheel gearbox in the throwout bearing sat too close to the clutch and was particlaly disengaging it without touching the clutch pedal....


So i packed up the tools and left it for a week in disgust.


Decided to bite the bullet and ordered a brand new clutch to suit single mass flywheel, ended up having to get mine reconditioned by NPC clutches because exedy didn't have any clutches to suit my engine in the whole country and weren't looking to get any for months. every other brand was far too expensive......$320 later I had a reconditioned clutch and new throwout bearing, which was quite reasonable i thought. essentially a new clutch disc and pressure plate recod.


So in went the nicely machined singel mass flywheel (pretty happy to get that dual mass out) and brand new clutch. Gearbox in 2 weeks ago. all going well, then discovered a leaking master cylinder! so managed to track one of those down and installed it today. Including some "smooth shift" penrite gbox oil.


and so today it went on its maiden voyage as a manual car with a new clutch and new leaks. it actually drives super nice, only driven it around the coulder sack (how do you even spell coulder sack?). So i gave it a celebratory wash and a very quick cut and polish to remove my dirty hand marks.


Drives super nice, and the engine has a bit of go to it. certainly has some punch down load and sounds nice.


Hopefully get the RWC this week and we should be motoring soon! Just need to get an exhaust made up as this one is full of holes.



Gave it a celebratory wash and quick cut and polish and dug out the SLR for some quick pics. not the best light...






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Just did a bit more tinkering. changed over my high pressure fuel filter, dunno when it was changed, looked relatively new, but $20 is cheap to know its done. Rubber fuel lines have been replaced quite recently so they are all good.


Still getting misfiring issues when engine is cold. definitely cylinder 5 playing up when cold, but comes good when engine heats up.


See how it goes when i start driving it. Possibly might come good with some driving, or it might slowly get worse.....


Going to start purchasing parts to get the other head i have installed. just need me a VRS kit and a timing belt. Then get the other head cleaned up and have it ready to go on at some stage.


Probably need to buy some pads and rotors all round at some stage too.....


Onwards and upwards!

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Day 1 of driving started well, ended very poorly.


At kilometer 51 of my journey, which was less than 2km from home. My timing belt snapped.


Yes it is an interference engine.


My nightmares will now be filled with the sounds of bending valves.


Anyone got an engine crane I can borrow?

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