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Sooooo no news on the e30.

However.....I bought a house! 

More importantly what i really bought is a double garage that has rooms and a kitchen above it to keep the wife happy. Quit a good sized garage with a sort of a built in bit on the side of the underneath of the house, was previously used as a bit of a man cave. 

So let the real projects begin. I can finally unpack all my workshop tools that are in storage. First port of call i think is going to be painting a spare guard, door and bonnet to replaced the dented ones. Then perhaps onto some more performance orientated things. Has a huge backyard, so i might look at buying a parts car to get the panels, then i can use the parts car as trial runs for my fabrication ideas.....

Wont be for a few months yet, however i can still buy parts and plan. We get the house keys on the 13th June and we have some painting to do before we move in. 



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Cheers fellas!

Of course the wife has already got a big long list of renos! though i must admit im looking forward to some renos. I dont mind painting, quite a rewarding job. 

I realized recently that we haven't had our own place to live since the end of 2014....1 and a bit yrs in Canada and 1.5yrs at wifes mums house. Looking forward to all our stuff in our own house and not moving it for quite sometime....

Actually i do have some news on the e30. Just ordered all new shifter bushes for the gearstick, about 6 different items from BMW Brisbane, for the bargain price of $37. Every time i go to BMW to get parts i am not only amazed that they still have them, but also at the very reasonable prices. get them on Saturday, might get a chance to put them in this weekend:)



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Not a whole lot of progress on those FD seats, last night i pulled out my oem seats and took some measurements. Looks like i can use the OEM rail and just weld some 20x20 shs and some pieces of flat bar to make some mounting tabs. Maybe tackle this weekend. Beauty of the e30 is that the mounting holes in the body are completely flat, the floor plan is quite flat where the seats are. so easy to DIY. 

But looky what else i bought!

These are what are called "zender" wheels. Made by speedline for the zender. Zender is like a do-up brand for bmw, made lips and sideskirts and things back in teh day. i think they still make things for other german car brands.

Back in the day Zender produced some overfenders for the e30, and these wheels were purchasable to use with the overfenders....I didnt completley realise this when i boguht them, explains my below fitment issues...

I'll be honest i bought them cause of how awesome they look, and how rare they are, and they were 500bucks for the set....

I don't believe there are too many sets in the world, who is to know really, but usually they come up in the 15x7 or 15x6 options. but the 15x8  appears to be reasonably rare. 

They are a proper 3 piece wheel, specs are 15x8 zero offset. build year of 1987. So 30yrs old this year, and the same age as me:)

They do need a clean up, but structurally they are in great shape, one has a slight ding in one of the barrels, wont cost me much to straighten that out. 

the tyres in the photo with the car are 205 55 R15, which is a little stretched for my liking. idealy id like to put 225 45 r15 hankook RS3 on them. They are  $149 each. which technically is only another 10mm of clearance either side i suppose. 

In the photo of all 4 wheels, the closer wheels have 195 60 r15s, they are quite stretched. I suspect the guy before me had the 195s on the front and the 205s on the rear. 

Still not completely decided if i will use them. At the moment, the rears do actually fit reasonably well with this tyre size (205 555). we put them on the rear and my mate and i both jumped up and down in the boot to the bump stops, the tyre just touched the completely stock guard, i should be able to roll up the inside lip and get an additional ~15mm clearance. so the 225 45 r15 tyres may fit with an aggressive rear roll on the rear , but it will be close. 

The fronts though.....yeah they stick out considerably. The rear has -2deg OEM camber, but the fronts are only -0.5 i think, or maybe even zero camber. I also think that the track is slightly bigger at the front. 

So my options are:

-Replace the outer barrels on the fronts (or all four, or just the front two) for one inch thinner, which will make them 15x7+13mm. I have rung a few shops and they reckon they might be able to help me out - price unconfirmed. Possible to buy some second hand barrels, as most people remove this size barrel and put on bigger ones. 

-Build some front coilovers with camber adjustment and see how close the 8" goes with say -2.5 camber. Regardless of wheels the front does need more camber (and new suspension...), especially if i put the RS-3 tyres on the front and start doing some harder driving- will still need an aggressive front roll to make them work either way.

-Polish them, put in garage on display. 

I think the coil over front option is the best, as i need to rehash the suspension anyway, Just might delay wheel installation for some time.....






These three are close ups of the front wheel/tyre.




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Real ones basically impossible, copies are around. but they suit the series 2 e30, plastic bumpers. 

I'm not even sure how the rears attach, might be a full moulded on thing.

I think they look a bit too much...Basically like a budget m3.



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The glory days of racing eh. When you could buy the car you were watching. 

I sent an email to Zender yesterday, http://www.zendergroup.com/ I basically sent them a few photos and wondered if they had any details on them, production numbers etc. i got a pretty quick response, but its very corporate...and not very helpful, But a response never the less!


Hello David,

 thank you for your request.

Unfortunately, we can not help you because Zender GmbH has not existed for several years and we have not taken over the portfolio.

We only have a contact partner, if it is a question about a general operating license, but unfortunately not for further information or purchase any components.

I am sorry to tell you about this and I hope you enjoy your wheels nevertheless.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

 Daniela Weßling

Planning / Logistics




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Right more updates!

FD3S drivers seat is in!

Took me ages to work out the best way to do it, but in the end the easiest was to grind off the oem mounting tabs and basically fabricate a whole new mounting rail, and essentially designing on the fly.....

Photos are fairly self explanatory. Ive no idea why some of the photos have alot of white dots...something up with camera phone i think. 

Drove it to work today, its rock solid that is for sure. Initial impressions are good, quite comfortably. My only complaint is that i feel like my legs are a bit high compared to butt. Unfortunately i cant really drop the front of the seat down that easily, i might see what happens if i put some spacers under the rear mounting backets. ill drive it this week and see how it goes. 

All going well though ill get the passenger seat done next weekend. should be a bit faster as i know what im doing now....





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