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Selling some parts. Parts in Adelaide can post


4K engine. $150

4K block $50

3k BigPort head $180

Good ke30 Aisin carb $100

Ke30 k40 $50

Ke30 pedal box $100

Ke30 diff $200

Ke20 bumpers $100

Ke20 4 speed $50

Ke20 diff $200

Ke20 disc brake front struts $100

Ke20 doors minor rust $70

Pair ke30 mirrors $100

Ke30 race seats $100

Ke30 front struts and brakes $100

Ke30 lcas $75

K starter motors $30

Tailshafts $30

Alternators $30

K motor dual v belt pulley $50

Ke30 2 inch exhaust $50

Ke36 ke38 rear exhaust section $30

Ke20 front Gaurds $50

Ke55 radiator $50

Ke55 grill $75

Ke35 fuel tank $40

Ke30 ignition and door lock set $100

Ke20 ignition and door lock boot and fuel cap set $125

Ke30 dash complete $200 early 1 piece type

Ke20 dash cluster mph and Kph. $75

Ke35 coupe boot lid $50

Ke50 bonnet $100

Ke50 Gaurds $100

Ke30 bonnet trim $100

Ke30 bonnet vents $50


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By chance do you know if your 4K engine would fit easily into my '75 KE 30 four speed? If so, how many km's does it have?

Also are your KE 30 race seats road legal?

Thanks in advance;


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Hey mate,

Do you still have the KE20 front struts? Do they include coils, upper spring perches, brakes etc? Any chance you can send a pic?


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