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How Big To Big Camshaft 5K

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Gday, finally starting to get sorted and pulled my finger out. Have a 5k bored 40thou. All balanced and lightened. Running flattop pistons machined to 11.6:1 CR. Top end is ported with o/s valves and double valve springs. Have flowtest and info, flows intake 139cfm at 550".


Intake is twin 40mm dcoe


I have had a cam built and i dialed it in the other day and found it was a little out so had it checked and is 498" lift @305° duration. Now i understand this will be a sizeable cam but its only a sunday driver, cam builder is well known and has built it to suit all info.


I'm going to put it in, but curious to see if anyone is running similar size and driving characteristics??? Been told its pretty well a drag cam....



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My old 5k had a 280 advert duration cam and with 10:1 comp, wasn't big enough for high rpm. I'm assuming you still have the hydraulic lifter gear?


I like your setup. I would say the powerband might be 3500-7500/8000 rpm. Keen to see how you go?

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