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Ra40 Coupe For Sale

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This has been sitting in the shed since we bought it as a spare rally car, then realised it was much too nice to ruin and went to KE70s instead.


The inside is immaculate, the engine is great, only 160Km, and the outside is fine. The gauges all work, everything is crisp and clean and uncracked.


We can get a blue or a pink slip on it, depends if you want it on historic rego or full. We can even 18RG it if you like...


The story behind it is that a Grandad lent it to his grandson who clipped something with the front drivers side. It went to the car crusher plant, where the guy working the machine saw it and realised what it was so he bought it. He put a new guard on it and advertised it, & we bought it & drove it back from Brisbane. Since then we've made sure the front suspension is fine & painted the yellow guard white.


Its up on Toymods and Facebook tonight, so if you're keen don't muck around, shot me a PM. Its in Walcha at The Woolshed.


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ooops! $3200, which should be easy to get. The five or so for sale on Gumtree are all the liftbacks, and they go from $2000 to $7000.

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