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Ke15 Diff Change

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Old KE15 Diff (Is it B-series? 5,7"?) is making a lot of noise again and i'm out of diffs. Is there other diff's that will bolt straight in with original axle? I don't want to change bolt pattern for the wheels as I have rare and cool 4x110 wheels already. With a little thinking, KE2x diff should be same as KE1x, right? Plenty of those at Finland. I heard rumours of KE7x or KP61 Starlet's U-series 6" fitting in with original axle and driveshafts but as original diff is smaller, isn't it going to hit housing? U-series would be stronger and I think it would lower revs too.


Thank you already!

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If the gears are not totally destroyed you might be able to get away with lapping them, which would make them close to new. Need a proper gear shop to do this.


Then just replace the bearings, set the pinion depth properly (!!!) and you should be motoring.

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early ke20s are B , later ones are U,


Did some Research some years ago and found that

U heads should fit in your B housing using B (original) axels


U : late ke20, ke30, ke70, AL25, kp61

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