3T Crankshaft In 2T Block, 3T Or 2T Pistons?

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Hi guys!


I'm thinking about buying 2T engine for my Daihatsu Charmant (KE70 with different body) and put 3T crankshaft to it. Would be easier to just buy 3T - I know - but here in Finland the vehicle inspection has to be done once in a year and it's hard to transfer 4K to 3T leagally.


I tried to find info about 2T with 3T crank conversion, I know that I may need to grind some room to block as rod bolts with older model 2T block will hit sidewalls. I also know that rods are same and pistons are not as 3T pistons have different (Lower or Higher?) pin height.


What I don't know is should I get 3T pistons too or would 2T pistons work with 3T crank? If I do have to get 3T pistons, do I have to modify them to fit 2T head?


If there is something else to take into consideration, please tell me.



Of course there would be 3T-G hybrid conversion if I manage to find 2T-G cheap from Finland... =/


Thank you already!

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