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Well, last night someone tried to steal the Raspberry, our N14 SSS Pulsar hatch.


They got it up the driveway, which is where we found it, and then their crap wire-jumping set it on fire. So they bailed, and seeing the windows were shut the fire went out.


The car is a write-off, not because its burnt, but the smell will never leave the upholstery. The driver's seat base is burned, & the dash a bit melted, its just not worth restoring for rego.


That leaves a perfectly good SR20 under the bonnet, used as a daily by either wife or daughter for years, so up for sale for free. Take the whole car before the Council tows it!


Its in Orange, NSW.


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Hi Mate !

That makes me sad to see things like that ! Always makes me think what I'd feel like, if my pride & joy met with the same fate. My commisorations ! Actually, same thing happened to me years ago.


Had arrived back in Australia after working overseas for a few years, and was flatting in Darlinghurst / inner Sydney. Needed wheels, & picked up Triumph 2500 PI, fairly cheap, that was a real steal, & a pleasure to drive, to visit my GF in Brissy. Got pintched one night, & I reported it to the local police, who took my details, & issued me with a reference number, & said they'd get back to me if they found it. Was a bit taken back by the number which was 2000 odd, and it was only February of that year.


After a week, & no word from the police, I went looking myself, and found it in an adjacent suburb, abandoned on the side of the road. It had met a similar fate to your Pulsar hatch, and had been hot wired, caught on fire, & abandoned. However, it was not as bad as your's, and I was able to repair it on the side of the road, & drive it home, & it lived again.


Cheers Banjo

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Sorry to hear that Keith there are some real scum bags around these days even in the bush.


The cops don't seem interested ,eather they are under staffed or so busy with domestics or f##kwits on ice.


That cars don't rank that high on the list any more!!!



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