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So I painted the back of the bumper the other day to try to prevent corrosion and fitted it back up to the car with the new indicators/park lights. Took a bit of time to get it fitting well but looks good I think.

Then I thought I’d put the TE37 grill on after that for some inspiration but unfortunately the bonnet won’t close with it in as the grill sits too high. I suspected this might be a problem when I bought it as it’s obviously a different shape to the standard one, but I’d seen a few pics of KE30 flat type bonnets with TE37 grills. Not sure how people are getting that to work - maybe by cutting the top of the grill down, which is something I’m not prepared to do. Maybe the extra height of a KE55 bonnet would help, has anyone on here fitted a TE37 grill to their KE30/35/55?



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Pretty sure you will need a te37 bonnet, the profile is different to any other ke series they have higher bulge in the middle.

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