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my dads 88 ae82 se 1.6  (4ac engine)

now now before i get roasted and get told to get rid of it here's the story

i only ever liked old corollas up to the ae86 and then my father got this stock ae82 he kept it well serviced always kept it in great condition the only mod's he did was change the steering wheel and put a free flowing exhaust on (don't know why)

i didn't really like it. it was slow  and i was used to my v8vf but unfortunately he passed away last year leaving me this car. i immediately changed my tune and started loving it. it was my fathers last car. i (and some will say stupidly) sold my v8 and now drive this everywhere. no one can bag me out for it now because it has sentimental value and ive changed my opinion i love 80's corolla's as well now! haha so um one of my questions is what can i do to slightly mod/improve this car while keeping it as original like my father had it as possible. 


k thx


adrian I'm in australia birsbane




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Welcome. I bought my second car, a TA22 off my dad. It was standard. Didn't stay that way for long, and I'll never forget the look on his face when I took him out for a drive!  He was especially amazed I had done it all myself. It will always be precious knowing it was your dad's, and he clearly looked after it so well. 

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Welcome Adrian.

I would just lower it slightly and then leave it alone. I have a set of Pedders front springs you can have. Just pay the postage. They were off my wife's ae82. Let me know if you want them.


Cheers. Paul.

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What do you want it to end up as? Would it include better handling with sway bar mods, a camber change at the front and more castor to get more turn-in?

Would it include more power? The 4AGE must fit in there easily, but if not you're a bit limited by the space. Changing the carb would need something shorter than a Weber DCOE, and finding a hot cam would be hard I expect. Bike carbs and a custom cam cut with a skimmed head and a clean-up of the ports would liven it up, but it would be a lot of money for not a lot of gain compared to a 4AGE.

Brisbane will just rust it out before its much older, so rustproof it carefully & keep it clean and polished. Buy another car later as a daily and pull the '82 out for Toyota meetings.

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