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Tyre width

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Hi guys just bought myself a ke30 2door and I'm doing the SR20DET conversion at the moment. Since it's the first time I build a car I will definitely be a repeat question asker. For my first question can someone please tell me what size tyres will fit in my standard rear wheel arches and how wide I can go. I'm thinking 225 r17. 

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Hey mate.


Are you asking how wide is LEGAL by law or how wide will fit on the car?

How wide will fit the car is all dependant on how confident you are with a grinder.

How wide will fit LEGALLY... well ill explain that below.

Maxium width of wheel will depend on a myriad of things ie axle components used, track of the car, offset of wheel, weight of the car, etc.

Max track of a veihcle can  only be expended by 25mm per axle ie. 12.5mm per side.

IF you can fit a wheel with massive positve offset (clearing suspension and braking components) you will be able to run wider rubber.

HOWEVER, VSB14 REV NOV 2015, table LS2 states your maximum tyre size increase over standard.


With you wanting to install an SR20, I assume that you want the car engineered, but then again, maybe you don't.

Feel free to WB for more info. Am going through all the engineering garbage atm so am well versed in the shit that is vehicle safety standards,


I can however tell you from an engineering legallity standpoint (reguarding standard axle ke corollas), the maxium size you can go is 195/XX r15 (but i am running a hilux diff so engineers discretion can be said as my diff is wider then stock rolla by 20mm)

Regards Mac


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