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The End of ICE Cars is Coming !

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What most people cannot supply me is a complete life cycle analysis of electric cars vs petrol cars. Electric cars getting with "zero emissions" labelling is complete BS and fauls advertising. 

There is no such thing as a free lunch as they say, someone always pays.

A quick google suggests that coal power stations are around ~35% efficiency on average. An internal combustion engine is around 20%. which sounds like swapping to electric cars has the advantage.

But if we all had electric cars the power stations are going to need to crank the power stations, add more power stations probably. then you have more transmission losses, will the current infrastructure be able to support every house hold hammering the grid over night to charge their car? hell no. we have enough trouble when every house hold turns their oven on to cook dinner or the AC in summer.

Not to mention the life cycle analysis of the physical car itself, batteries i suppose is the big question, but the electric motors as well. how much energy does it take to make a massive lithium battery? and what do you do with it once its "done"?  

Will a 2016 Tesla whatever be still driving around in 2047? we are still driving 30-40yr old cars quite successfully. 

I'm all for it electric cars as a concept, but the details and engineering challenges are never discussed in the media.

Public transport really is the key, not stupid electric cars. Get everyone around major cities on a trainline that is reliable and fast. That would get rid of loads of cars 5 days a week. Whenever i go anywhere I NEVER consider public transport. its just so damn inconvenient. 


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Members dont see this ad

Its horse for courses.

City folk that can embrace Public transport do.

Tradespeople need independent transport options.

So do many businesses.

Our distances are too vast for electric mileage.

Our power grid too frail, and our resources under utilised, in the name of progress.

Basically, shits fucked up because we are trying to be futuristic and for some reason self loathe over coal.

We need energy sources that work at a low cost, when the free market provides an alternative, we will embrace it.

Until then we are just being forced into unproductive and unsustainable systems in the name of sustainability, which is massively stupid.  What the renewable sector will really do is rob the third world of an industrial revolution.

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but the details and engineering challenges are never discussed in the media.

That is ALWAYS the problem!   If its not an 8second soundbite or a 30second speech they have no interest in it. So it suits politicians and advertisers, but no-one gets to learn anything.

I'm sure the whole electric car debacle is politically driven, but I can't see why. Tesla wouldn't exist without Govt subsidies, and I'm sure the major manufacturers are selling electric cars at a loss.

The whole electricity industry is doing illogical things that we have no rational explanations for.  Don't these clowns know that solar stops when the sun goes down? Someone was moaning this morning that we need to upgrade infrastructure to bring excess power from North Queensland to NSW and VIC. Apart from transmission losses I reckon they thought QLD had more sunshine because of daylight saving!


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I will believe there is a serious need to stop using ICE when the American Army and Air force move to electric!

Until then its just the peasants getting kicked into place so those in charge can keep their toys...

That can't be right Keith !   Their ICE toys don't use much "juice" !


Foot Note:  This guy just needs to get to get to work quickly, & has found a way to go clear through all that traffic   . . . . . literately !

Cheers Banjo 

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On ‎12‎.‎09‎.‎2017 at 5:08 AM, Banjo said:


3.  Complete banning of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars by as early as 2025-2030 in some countries.






Media loves exaggerating    Facts don't sell

There has been talks of banning sale of NEW diesel and petrol cars in norway from 2025 but nothing decided yet.

There`s no mention of when old ones will be prohibited

Lots of New electric and hybrids being sold these days due to small or no tax, tollfee, parking expenses ++

so owners of ICE cars subsidice El cars.   Not happy about it as I got six of them.



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All good points .

It just amazes me here we are in a country with large reserves of natural gas, coal and god no what else is buried under us.

Then we pay very expensive price for electricity .

Talk of black outs over summer .

Turnbull wanting to buy back liddell power station off AGL to keep power running.

Yet come up the new england hwy any morning to pass another wide load of wind turbine going to Glenn Innes wind farm.

It makes no sence to me but I'm a dumb truckie!!

Stuffem  I'm gunna run me 55 with webers as long as i can buy fuel !!!!

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