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4A to T50 Bolts

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Hi, does anyone know how long the bolts are to bolt a T50 to a 4A?

I have found they are M12  1.25pitch but can't find the length anywhere.

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I once walked into Keebles (legendary bolt shop in the city) and said to the guy, "I need the water pump bolts for an 1100 Escort", guy walks off before I even finished speaking. Hmm, that's a bit rude I think to myself. 5 mins later he's back with the exact bolts, and from memory, at least 3 of them were different sizes. 

And if you try telling the children of today that, they wouldn't believe you. 

"Unfortunately", the future Mrs Parrot subsequently wrote off her poxy Escort and replaced it with a KE20.   

If you don't get an answer by tomorrow, I'll go out and measure them. 

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