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KE35 Gearbox conversion


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Hey everyone, 

I'm gearing up to do a turbo 4age conversion in my KE35 coupe and am looking at different gearbox options. 

I've found adapter plates etc for a W55 to bolt to a 4age, but does anyone know if it will fit in the KE35? 

I have no problem custom making mounts etc, I just need to make sure it will fit in the car itself.

or is there another manual 5 speed box you would recommend that would handle roughly 300hp?

I appreciate the help.


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It will probably come close with some tunnel bashing, or get the MIG out and make the tunnel bigger.

Youve got alot of problems to solve to make a 300hp ke35 not feel like a death trap. 

My brothers 300hp  well setup S13 felt insanely scary as a passenger. Was ok as the driver, but man 300hp in a light car is a scary thing. 





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