Oil pump failure

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The T piece is copper & brass combo type.  The bottom of the "T", that  is silver soldered to the plate, is very thick brass.  It is very solid & strong.

It is very tight down there between the back of the head & the firewall.  No room for a 2 way valve. The pipes coming out sideways, is so that any movement, will be absorbed by the hoses.

This way, the existing heater tap, on the rear of the firewall, will still be used to turn on the heater. The return to the front of the engine, of coolant from the back of the head, will flow all of the time.

P.S.  I did have a look at 2 way valves on the net, but they are all four port, & it would result in it being a plumbers nightmare down there, & very messy.



I'm using the K.I.S.S. principal.

(Keep It Super Simple)

Cheers Banjo



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Well, finally got a couple of hours over the Christmas break, to complete the 12mm dia. return coolant line from the back of the engine, to the thermostat housing, from the little "Tee" adaptor I fitted to the head rear access plate.


Normally the heater return coolant line runs down the distributor side of the K series engine..  With the COP conversion, I am doing on this 5K, I wanted to keep the distributor side of the engine as clean looking as possible.  

I decided to run the return line down the manifold side of the engine, as there are a couple of unused mounting points, provided on the aluminium inlet manifold casting.

It turned out perfectly, so am very pleased with the end result.






I was originally considering fitting two (2) off return coolant lines; one for the head only, & the other for the heater, when in operation.  That's how I did it on my 4K-U in my daily drive. However, as the heater is used so infrequently, here in "sunny" Queensland, I have decided to let the one return line carry both return coolant circuits.  This results in a lot less complication, & a cleaner uncluttered look.

Parts Required:

1 meter length of 12mm copper pipe from Bunnings.

2 off the shelf metal brackets, which I cut down to suit, from Bunnings.

2 off 1/2" pipe saddle mounts.

4 off 5mm bolts, nuts & washers.

2 off 6mm x 25mm bolts, for brackets to manifold.

6 - 8 off 11-22mm screw type hose clamps.

1/2" hoses off a Commodore or Hi-Lux.

1 off SpeedFlow 16 x 1.5M 1/2" hose adaptor, to plumb line into thermostat housing.

Bit of hi temp silver paint

This is surely one of the easiest & best mods you can do to your K Series engine, to overcome the inherent issue of the rear cylinder no: 4 running hotter than the forward cylinders.

P.S.   Although I advised it is an easy job, it is best carried out, when you happen to have the engine out of the car, or the head off. Undoing the four (4) off bolts that hold the little access plate can be fraught with difficulties, if they are corrosion welded to the aluminium head, as it is virtually impossible to drill & tap new threads with the engine in the car & the head on, as the distance between the rear of the head & the firewall, is so limited.

Cheers Banjo







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